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Canterbury Wine School delivers WSET (Wine, Spirit and Education Trust) courses for members of the hospitality industry, the wine trade and wine lovers as well as our own wine appreciation courses and tasting events. We provide high class, quality wine education and events in in carefully selected the venues in the Canterbury area to meet the needs and demands of the particular course or event. We offer:

  •  Level 2 and 3 WSET courses
  • Wine appreciation courses
  • Bespoke wine tastings and events

In the winter of 2023 we are offering the WSET level 2 course over 9 weeks  (two 2 hour sessions per Tuesday evening) .  There will be a multiple choice exam held on the ninth week.

In the winter of 2023 we will be running the WSET level 3 course over 8 weeks ( two 2 hour sessions per Monday morning). The exam will be held on the 9th week and comprises a multiple choice exam, five short written answer and a tasting exam.

All our courses will be delivered by fully qualified tutors and we are delighted to announce that Clive Barlow MW will be the lead tutor. Clive has spent over two decades in the wine trade and has taught at many levels to the wine industry and wine enthusiasts. Canterbury Wine School is managed by Ann Morris MA, who has been involved in education for over 30 years.