Wine Nights

Have you ever wanted to explore the wines of celebrated regions and learn about what lies behind them?

Canterbury Wine School is delighted to run a series of Wine Nights highlighting the wines of renowned areas. Each evening we will taste 8 wines and enjoy tapas-style plates in order to appreciate the food friendliness of the wine. The tastings will be presented by Clive Barlow MW and we will start pouring at 7.30 pm and run through to 9 pm. The food will be presented toward the end of evening. The cost for the evening is £35.00 per  person, a double ticket will cost £65.00.

Please email Ann at or telephone 07789407742 to book a place on our Wine Night.

Thursday 16th August 2018, Southern Italy and Islands wine evening
Location: Cafe du Soleil, 5 Pound Lane, Canterbury CT 2 8AA

Two decades ago the south of Italy was, in the UK, known for simple easy-drinking wines, or bulk wines which were used to bolster the wines of the north, or were the base of many vermouths. Today its producers are creating a global reputation for well crafted, rich ripe wines of depth and quality, and for wines of individuality and style.
Southern Italy is home to an amazing array of wines based on its indigenous varieties such as Primitivo, Falanghina, Aglianico and Nero d’Avola. During the evening we will taste wines from Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia.


Thursday 14th June 2018, Madeira wine evening
Location: Cafe du Soleil, 5 Pound Lane, Canterbury CT 2 8AA

The island of Madeira produces about 5 million bottles of wine each year. The wines have a long history, closely associated with Great Britain’s historic love of fortified wines. Today the demand for fortified wines has diminished and Madeira is probably better known for making wines used in cooking and especially the world-famous Madeira Cake. However, there are still a number of producers who create fascinating and profound wines and tonight we will explore these terrific offerings.

Alongside the well-known Malmseys we will taste the Sercial, Verdehlo and Bual. The island wines are amongst the most long lived in the world and we will explore not only the 5, 10 and 15 year old wines but also those going back to 1990s.
So, find out why one of Britain’s greatest wine tasters, Michael Broadbent MW, used to enjoy Madeira every day, by coming along to share the great wines of the island. This evening we will explore the various styles, varieties and ages from 5 years old to over 20 years old and from 3 of the 7 producers.

Due to the high price of the wines the cost for this evening is £40 per person.