WSET Courses

Due to Covid 19  Canterbury Wine School is restricting the courses and events it delivers. We hope to run more on the future. However, we do have a WEST 3 course planned for this summer. 


Level 3 Award in Wine

This course is intended to provide in-depth knowledge of a wide range of wines. It focuses on factors that influence the style, quality and price of wines from major wine regions of the world. You will taste approximately 80 wines and develop analytical tasting skills to a high level of competency using the systematic approach to tasting.

This course is open to students who hold the Level 2 Award or Intermediate Certificate in Wine & Spirits. However we recognise that there are students who may have experience and knowledge in the wine business that is equivalent to the Intermediate Certificate. Please contact us for further details on the necessary levels required to join the course.

In order to achieve the Level 3 award, students will need to pass the WSET Level 3 Award examination. This comprises of two parts: a combined theory paper consisting of a 50 question multiple-choice section and a five question short answer written section; and a blind tasting of two wines. A mark of 55% is required in all sections to pass with the exam taking place in the last session of the course.

Level 3 course will be run in the Summer of 2020   

The course consists of 15 two hour sessions  run over 5 Mondays plus a morning for the exam. The dates areas follows:

July 27th, 
August 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th 
September 7th (exam morning)

Please email to register your interest or to reserve a place.

Level 3 costs

The cost of the course, including course materials, use of glasses, tasting of 80 to 85  wines, registration and examination fee is £745.00.




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